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The Team


Gin - sound engineer, business brain, provider of lunches and rehearsal dinners and general good advice.

Gin has been a long time follower of folk/acoustic music and also a bit of a quiet patron as well . . . there have been a few acts who have benefited from her generousity at one time or another. Gin heard Sarah sing at the launch of Hilary Spencer's debut solo album Other Roads, Other Lives and just made herself a key member of the team.

Gin has a number of favourite phrases 'We're not taking them are we?' is one she uses every time we load the monitors into the van. 'It's quite high already' can be heard whenever we ask for any more volume on anything in the monitors during a sound check. Happily, she also says 'What are you drinking?' quite often as well!


Sal - the smallest roadie in the history of rock and roll. Sal heard Lorna and Sarah play back in the 'Bryant and Jones' days and made herself indispensable.

Sal helped Sarah to run the office and joined Sarah to look for venues and to send out the CD orders and to update the mailling list.

Sal also helped set up and take down the PA at each gig and quite a few evenings were spent re-wiring one thing or another! Sal also mixed the sound for Lorna and Sarah at a number of gigs.

Sal has a huge impact at gigs. So many things can crop up which need attention or organising and often it is Sal who gets it sorted. Yes, she did once have to find a pair of nail scissors at a festival (sorry, Sal) and she has often had to find batteries in unlikely locations (very sorry, Sal).

Sal looks after the merchandising and has regularly stood in drafty corridors at festivals selling CDs after the performance while the band rush off to eat before the next performance. Frankly, we don't quite know how we would do it without her. . . and fortunately, very often we don't have to!