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Track Listing

Revolution Road
Wash Me
She Gone
In My Room
The Day My Soul Will Rise
Forbidden Love
Dear Beloved

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All words and music © Sarah Jones

First Person Plural CD Booklet

Acknowledgments and Dedications

Who does what . . .
Sarah Jones: Vocals, Guitars, Whispers
Duncan Gibbs: Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Appalachian Dulcimer, Vocals, Autoharp, Dobro and Percussion

Dedications . . .
With love for Gin who has never failed to support me or my music. To Duncan because we laugh so much and I love doing this with him. How lucky I am.

Thanks to Gin once again for her support (and meals!), Tegwynn for a Perfect Day and Joanne and Robert for the much needed exercise.

We would like to thank . . .
Everyone who has come to the gigs, bought the albums (you!), written nice things about us, sent us pickies and letters, supported us and sang the songs.

Graham and Kelvin at City Music Birmingham, Sara and Elle at Nimbus Records/Wyastone and the guys and girls at Bose, Peavey and Allen and Heath for making great gear.

The choir of St Mary The Virgin, Ross on Wye and Ginny for singing on Dance and Dear Beloved. It was great fun!

Richard Bartram who made Sarah’s four fabulous guitars and Duncan’s fabulous Appalachian Dulcimer. Richard can be contacted at

And as ever Ginny, Kate and Sal for crewing, merchandising and mixing - and for being Ginny, Kate and Sal.

Rules of Recording
1 Recording Time is not rehearsal time
2 Metronomes may give perfect timing but they can make boring music
3 Day six is the proper day to re-record day one’s work
4 The engineer is always right (except see rule 5)
5 The performer is always right
6 If the control room is silent and you cannot see the engineer, he may be sleeping
7 Markers are not insertion points
8 69 beats per minute is not the same as 74 beats per minute
9 Every musician needs an S-Filter
10 Everyone knows what a smidge is

Engineered by Duncan Gibbs. Produced by Duncan Gibbs and Sarah Jones. Recorded down among the Redwoods in Ross on Wye in October 2004 and January 2005.

photos by Duncan Gibbs art concept by sleep deprived duncan and sarah

To contact: e mail or write The Forge, Goodrich, Ross on Wye Herefordshire HR9 6HY

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These songs are made to sing. If you like them don’t hesitate to sing them!


Rainy days,
Dirty haze,
It sure gets you down,
Nothing on,
It’s all gone,
No hope in this town
I lift my head above these dark and gloomy skies,
I’m looking hard to find a blessing in your eyes.

Lose or win,
Sink or swim,
You know I’m just so borderline,
Look at me,
Can’t you see,
My head above the waterline

Demons dance,
My last chance,
Just went down the drain,
White is black,
Don’t look back,
Don’t dare to complain
I lift my hopes above these dark and gloomy skies,
I’m looking hard to find a blessing in your eyes.

Lose or win,
Sink or swim,
You know I’m just so borderline,
Look at me,
Can’t you see,
My head above the waterline

I lift my hopes above these dark and gloomy skies,
I’m looking hard to find a new dawn on the rise.

Lose or win,
Sink or swim,
You know I’m just so borderline,
Look at me,
Can’t you see,
My head above the waterline

Lose or win,
Sink or swim,
You know it’s just so borderline,
The water’s deep,
Just trying to keep,
My head above the waterline

© Sarah Jones, January 2004-January 2005


I’m looking at this house,
Where we’ve lived for far too long,
And after all these years,
I don’t think that I belong,
Your love is cold and dry,
We both know there’s something wrong
And I can’t love forever,
So I’m leaving.

For too long now I’ve waited,
Though in truth I don’t know why,
You’ve wasted all our chances,
and now it’s do or die,
But I can’t stay here just rooted,
and let love just pass me by,
And I can’t love forever,
So I’m leaving.

I believed in magic,
but I didn’t realise,
The hunger that you had for me
was needy in disguise,
and it all got turned to dust,
before our very eyes,
And I can’t love forever,
So I’m leaving.

Now I can’t take this loving,
down the barrel of a gun,
You don’t like my stillness,
we’ve lost our sense of fun,
We only get one lifetime,
so when all is said and done,
And I can’t love forever,
So I’m leaving.

© Sarah Jones, 10th November 2001

Revolution Road

I can still remember,
How the world once seemed to be,
Creation and the heavens
Were put there just for me.
And I would never worry,
Where the acid rain cloud blows,
Until I got to walking,
On this revolution road.

In a hundred years of progress,
We have seen destruction’s birth,
We have plundered our resources,
And poisoned half the earth.
We have made a living wasteland,
Where the golden river flowed,
We have thrown away our rubbish,
On this revolution road.

How simple are the masters,
How dreadful is the spell,
How wicked is the mantra,
That would damn us into hell.
Well you might think I’m crazy,
But we’ll reap what we have sowed,
The one chance of redemption,
Is this revolution road.

Once I lived for fortune,
I counted up my store,
But I kept getting poorer,
Though I had more and more.
I measured out my kindness,
I took what I was owed,
But I traded shares in mammon,
For this revolution road.

Now you might think you know me,
I still answer to my name,
I look just like my picture,
But I am not the same.
I have no bond to tie me,
I have no fixed abode,
The Spirit leads me on,
Down this revolution road.

© Sarah Jones 10th - 13th July 2000

Wash Me

I was born in the winter,
Of sixty-nine,
On the wrong side of town,
At the end of the line,
And I grew in a hurry,
And I grew up mean,
And you don’t know,
What my eyes seen.

Took a job in a factory,
Down dead-end row,
No point to living,
Nowhere to go,
Then a voice in my head,
Said ‘Let me see,
Better run for your life,
And set you free’.

Took a train to the city,
Took a bus to the street,
Took the stairs to the basement,
Took a chance on the beat,
But the beat went missing,
Long time ago,
And where it’s living,
I just don’t know. Gotta hold onto something,
Gotta trust and believe,
But there ain’t nothing,
That I can’t leave,
Gonna get up my courage,
One long day,
Gonna jump in the river
Gonna wash me away.

© Sarah Jones, 9th December 2000 - 12th January 2001


Farewell, farewell we must be leaving,
As on our way we all do roam.
The moon and stars above are gleaming,
And you and I must head for home.

Farewell, farewell dear lads and lasses,
I wish you well, as e’er I might,
As round the cup of friendship passes,
You warmed this minstrel’s heart tonight.

And as we turn from this communion,
The light of friendship in our eye,
We do resolve to keep the union,
And meet again here, by and by.

Farewell, farewell, the journey’s starting,
Farewell I say there’s much to do.
For we have each the pain of parting,
I raise my glass, Wassail to you.

© Sarah Jones, 1st December 1996

She Gone

He met her on a Monday,
Just an ordinary day,
And he couldn’t quite believe it,
When he saw her look his way.
And when she walked on over,
He thought his dreams were true,
He thought it so,
You never know.

But she gone, she gone.

She dressed up for the evening,
In satin and in lace,
And she looked just like an angel,
With a smile upon her face.
She hoped that love would save her,
And take away her pain,
She thought it could,
She hoped it would.

But she gone, she gone.

He goes to church on Sunday,
And offers up his praise.
But she cut him and she bled him,
In a hundred different ways.
He asks for God to help him,
Just a little mercy please,
But God is not the only one,
To bring him to his knees.

But she gone, she gone.

© Sarah Jones, 17th March 2001 - 26th March 2001

In My Room

In the hard street, there’s a pulse beat in my day,
There’s a white heat, I am dead meat, that’s ok,
You can find me, walk behind me,
In the street,
You can call me and appal me,
In the street.

In the cold space, there is one face in my room,
There is no trace, it’s a sad case - silent womb,
I can dream here, I can scheme here,
In my room,
I can fly here, I can die here,
In my room.

In the half light, in the deep night of my mind,
It is black white, there’s a sharp bite that I find,
I can make it, I can fake it,
In my mind,
I can make it, I can fake it,
In my mind.

I can make you, I can take you,
In my mind.

© Sarah Jones March 1999 - 9th August 1999

The Day My Soul Will Rise

When will there be freedom,
For the people of the earth?
When will we remember,
We are all of equal worth?
When will come redemption,
From the power and the lies?
When will hands unite in friendship,
And reach toward the skies?

When we live as sisters, brothers,
When we act as kith and kin, ,
When your chances aren’t determined,
By the colour of your skin.
When there’s justice for the silent,
And we’ve broke the debt that ties,
When the poor can stand rejoicing,
That’s the day my soul will rise.

When we listen to each other,
When we talk instead of fight,
When love’s our destination,
And truth, our guiding light.
When neighbour turns to neighbour,
And respect is in their eyes,
When our difference is celebrated,
That’s the day my soul will rise.

When nation harbours nation,
When the starving are all fed.
When the missiles lie forgotten,
And greed is surely dead.
When our armies stand together,
And no war planes in our skies,
When the drums of peace are beating,
That’s the day my soul will rise.

© Sarah Jones 14th September 1999 - 23rd October 2004

Forbidden Love

From a dream of childhood
A life of little care
I sailed into an ocean
Of trouble and despair

Hurt by a love so shallow
Pain I couldn’t tell
Lying three years fallow
I shored this ship up well
Oh, Oh, you’re my forbidden love

I catch a hint of you
It lingers in the air
You move through the room
Are you so unaware?
Oh, Oh, Oh, you’re my forbidden love

A love without reason
Wild and aching to be free
A word in season
Would mean so much to me

Is this a foolish love
Or a chance I have to take?
Can I dare to move
With a heart so quick to break?
Oh, Oh, Oh, you’re my forbidden love

One tried, One new
One searching for a way
One move, One night
One love before the break of day
Oh, Oh, Oh, you’re my forbidden love

© Sarah Jones, 28th October 1995


You can’t hear it in the subway,
You can’t see it on the wall,
You can’t taste it in the water,
You can’t hear its footsteps fall.
But you can feel it sit within you,
Playing out its deadly game,
And it loves the darkness in you,
You will never be the same.

You can run but you can’t lose it,
You can hide but not for long,
You can say that you are happy,
But we can hear it in your song,
Hear the crack of broken passion,
Hear the rasp of grim despair,
Love has gone right out of fashion,
Disappeared into the air.

If I’d never heard your voice love,
If I’d never seen your face,
If I’d never had you kiss me,
I would know a better place,
Restless is the spirit in me,
Hear it howling through my frame,
Tearing sinews deep within me,
Calling out your very name.

Hear it echo on again. . .

© Sarah Jones 11th August 1999


Work like you really don’t have to,
Love like you’ve never been hurt,
Dance like there’s nobody watching
Sing yourself clean when you’re down in the dirt.

Ah your life is hard,
The days are long, the nights are longer still.
And yet you keep on going,
You’re moved by love and grace and hope,
An act of will.

Work like you really don’t have to . . .

Oh it hurt you so,
You gave your heart and it got broke in two.
And though the memory hurts,
You know that there is so much love,
Inside of you.

Work like you really don’t have to . . .

You worked your share,
You paid your dues and all you got was strife,
Yours is an heavy load,
But that don’t mean that you can’t do,
The dance of life.

Work like you really don’t have to . . .

© Sarah Jones, 27th June - 13th October 2004

Dear Beloved

Purest Love to ever know me,
Deepest Truth that I will know,
Echo through my very being,
And I will follow where you go.

Give me food for the journey,
Don’t desert me as I roam.
When my wandering is over,
Dear Beloved, guide me home.

Author of my very being,
Wellspring of my will to do,
Beauty, Truth and Love Eternal,
Let me bring my gifts to you.

Give me food for the journey...

When my life gets cramped and crowded,
And your call begins to fade,
Lead me gently by the arm love,
For your purpose was I made.

In the quiet of a moment,
In the stillness of the night,
Light your fire deep within me,
Set this tired soul alight.

Give me food for the journey...

© Sarah Jones, 25th - 26th November 1995