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Track Listing

Don't I Know
Hold Me Now
Go For My Dream
Nos Dda Cariad
Dangerous Woman
Good Time Girl
If You Wanna Make Love To Me
Last Soul Alive

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All words and music © Sarah Jones

Below, you will find the booklet from the CD version of the album - the tape cassette version does not have enough space to print the booklet. It lists the dedications, track credits, references and lyrics. If you would like to download the lyrics of a song in order to sing it, please feel free to do so. All we ask is that you mention that Sarah wrote the song and that TALA recorded it should you sing the song in public. Thank you.

Here's what they've said about it . . .
Freedom is really well written, performed and recorded: on the evidence of this CD, Tala certainly have what it takes to make a serious impact on the roots music scene. Clive Gregson

An album full of depth, passion and lyrical warmth. Qamus Web Site

Freedom CD Booklet

Acknowledgments and Dedications
With love for Ginny, Katy and Lucy.

Love to Mum, Dad and Nicola for always being there. Big hugs to Samuel who brightens my day. Thanks to family and friends who support me and Tams for making me laugh on our travels. Love to Al for being Al xx

I dedicate my efforts to Peg and Eric. My thanks to Virginia for her vegetable bake and Bob for his assistance in the whole process.

We would like to thank . . .
Graham, Kelvin and Jez at City Music, Birmingham. The guys and girls at Bose, Allen and Heath, and Peavey for making superb gear. The army of dedicated supporters who write to us, send us pickies, cheer us on and turn up at our various gigs.

Richard Bartram and Colin Keefe for making the most superb guitars.

Ginny, Kate and Sal for crewing, merchandising and mixing - and for being Ginny, Kate and Sal.

Phillip and Jane at Mantra CDs and Recording. You are still wonderful.

Philip Price for the CD photographs.

Liz Doull at Coventry Cathedral Archive Office.

Richard Bartram can be contacted at 29 Hale Fen, Littleport, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB6 1EJ Telephone 01353 862043

Colin Keefe can be contacted at 47, Mill Lane, Kegworth, Derbyshire DE74 2FX Telephone 01509 673867

Philip Price can be contacted at High Street, Ross On Wye, Herefordshire HR9 5HL Telephone 01989 564478

This album was recorded in Goodrich, Ross On Wye, UK

Engineered by Duncan Gibbs

Produced by Duncan Gibbs and Sarah Jones

It was mastered at Mantra CDs and Recording

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Thanks to Nancy Kerr as ever, for her marvellous fiddle playing which to me feels like prayer itself. The light from her strings could light up the darkest room. Thanks are also due to Mark Ashley who contributed his super playing and who must surely be one of the cutest guys on the UK acoustic scene at the moment. Thanks to Cecilia for her vocal artistry and to Jan and Jan for a marvellous night and for being part of the 'Freedom choir'. Likewise to Ginny - it was good to get you out from behind the mixing desk and to the other side of the microphones at last. What can I say of the wonderful Bob Rosser except how good it was to work with him and to thank him for all the fish.

These songs are made to sing. If you like them, don't hesitate to sing them!

Don't I Know

Half past one in the morning,
Lord, I've been awake all night.
Trying to keep the tears from falling,
Guess I look an awful sight.
Still no car in the driveway,
Still no key in the door.
One of these days you'll leave me,
And never come back no more.

Don't I know, don't I know,
Don't I know, don't I know.

You fancy an evening drinking,
Just another boys' night out.v Lately I've a-taken to thinking,
Wondering what it's all about.
Too many silent moments,
Too many guilty looks.
Something about you tells me,
You've been cooking the books.

Don't I know, don't I know,
Don't I know, don't I know.

Maybe you thought I would take it,
But it's too long with too big a load.
Maybe you thought you could fake it,
But you just ran out of road.
Every ride has an end love,
Every dog has its day.
You've been double dealing,
And I'm gonna make you pay.

Don't I know, don't I know,
Don't I know, don't I know.

© Sarah Jones, 27th - 28th April 1996

Lisa : Lead Vocal,
Cecilia : Backing Vocals,
Sarah : Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals,
Duncan : Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals,
Nancy : Fiddles,
Bob : Drums

Hold Me Now

Lover dear, the tired light is fading,
Sit you down, you have the harder part.
Though we try, my strength is surely failing,
And I fear I have a restless heart.

Stirring winds are blowing through the shadows,
Deeper needs begin to move and sway.
Broken ties seem too weak to hold me,
One more push and I'll be on my way.

Hold me now, a hunger moves within me,
Hold me now, for I am set to fly.
Seasons pass, this world is growing older,
And there's so little time, For you and I.

Love of mine, we're sailing in deep water,
Now it seems we're far away from shore.
Can it be, the hold is almost empty ?
And I quake to hear the ocean roar.

Hold me now, a hunger moves within me. . .

Shifting sand has covered up the traces,
As we walk beneath this angry sky.
Sad I am, that I would think of leaving,
For there's nothing good about 'goodbye'.

Hold me now, a hunger moves within me. . .

Hold me now, a hunger moves within me. . .

© Sarah Jones, August - 9th November 1997

Cecilia : Lead and Backing Vocals
Sarah : Backing Vocals
Duncan : Keyboards and Bass Guitar
Nancy : Fiddles

Go For My Dream

Hard lines, a no win situation.
Hard times seem to follow me.
Brick wall, keeps me at my station,
No call, comes to set me free.

Held back, waited for so long now,
Gonna get myself a winning team.
Move out, go where I belong now,
Stand back - gonna go for my dream.

Fools' gold, promised me a bounty,
Been sold a worthless piece of land.
Hard sweat, tied me to this county,
And yet, bonds still tie my hands.

Held back, waited for so long now. . .

These chains, are never going to hold me,
Best brains, don't mess with me no more.
Cut loose, just like my friends have told me,
Vamoose, I'm heading out that door.

Held back, waited for so long now. . .

© Sarah Jones, May - June 1996

Sarah : Lead Vocal, Guitar
Lisa : Backing Vocals
Duncan : Keyboards and Bass Guitar
Mark : Fiddle
Bob : Drums

Nos Dda Cariad

The moon begins to rise,
The sky is getting darker.
Your image fills my eyes,
The detail never starker.
You rescued me.
You took this heart of lead and turned it into gold,
And held it as your own.

You had an angel's voice,
And your words rang out with kindness.
You were my love's own choice,
You took away my blindness.
You rescued me.
And now I sit alone as darkness fills the sky,
I'm on my own again.

I never knew a love to shine so brightly,
I wanted you,
And I know you wanted me.

But there were other hands,
And there were other arms to hold you.
You longed for distant lands,
You had to go - your spirit told you.
You rescued me.
You travel on the road to your still point of life,
Faithful to your call.

Somehow it always seems,
That love must have an end.
You were a man of dreams,
And a most amazing friend.
You rescued me.
And as the seasons turn and life moves ever on,
I wish you love, my friend.

© Sarah Jones, 29th November 1995

Cecilia : Lead and Backing Vocals
Sarah : Guitar
Duncan : Bass Guitar, Keyboards and Appalachian Dulcimer
Nancy : Fiddles

'Nos Dda Cariad . . . an aching darkness gentled by gratitude' Jim Cotter, Writer


Ten twenty one,
A three acre plan,
Line and chisel,
Stone and wood,
Three hundred men,
And the prayers of the county,
By ten twenty four,
A cathedral Stood.

14th November
Aircraft engines
Cut the night.
Plane after plane,
Had its sights on target,
Bomb after bomb,
Set the city alight.

To a city of fire, The ground was turned,
To the glory of God, this cathedral burned. . . and was rebuilt.

Smoke and ashes,
Heat and flame,
Grief and anger,
Pain and loss.
There in the ruins,
In the wreck and the rubble,
Two roof timbers,
In the shape of The Cross.

To a city of fire, the ground was turned,
To the glory of God, this cathedral burned. . . and was rebuilt
Berlin, Dresden,
There's a will to live.
Hands cross the borders,
A prayer ascending,
Saying 'Father Forgive'.

© Sarah Jones, Sept 1995

Sarah : Lead Vocal, Electric Guitars,
Duncan : Keyboards, Bass Guitar,
Lisa : Backing Vocals ,
Bob : Drums
Mark : Fiddle.

Having been bombed in what we Europeans rather ethnocentrically call the Second World War, Coventry Cathedral was rebuilt and reconsecrated in 1962. To me, the most beautiful thing about it is not the building itself, but what it stands for. It has formed itself into a centre for reconciliation and has created links with other cities that were devastated by war.

The new cathedral was built alongside the ruins of the old one and behind the altar of the old cathedral are engraved the words 'Father Forgive'. As records are incomplete we cannot say for certain when the first stone was laid though it was around 1020 - 1030. Likewise we don't know exactly how many people were engaged in building the original Benedictine church which became Coventry Cathedral in 1918 so I've taken a poetic licence in the first verse. The rest can all be seen when you visit.

One of the most striking moments is entering the cathedral through the West door - carved into the stone floor are written the words 'to the glory of God this cathedral burned. . . and was rebuilt'.

Dangerous Woman

Friend, it's good to see you,
And yes, it's been a while.
Your cheeks are pale and sallow,
You're sad when you smile.

She moves, like a goddess,
Her hair twists and curls.
Her eyes promise heaven,
Oh Lord, she's a dangerous girl.

That walk, that look - she'll entwine you,
You're gonna curse the day when she took your hand.
Lord, she's a cold, cold, woman,
And locusts fly at her command.

Her words dance like music,
Her hands touch your soul.
Her breath, soft and gentle,
Lord, she'll eat you whole.

That walk, that look . . .

She hunts without mercy,
She'll steal your life away.
Her claws feel like feathers,
But they'll tear you apart where you lay.

That walk, that look . . .

© Sarah Jones 6th February -16th July 1999

Lisa : Lead Vocal,
Sarah : Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Whispers and Backing Vocals,
Duncan : Keyboards, Bass Guitar,
Nancy : Fiddles,
Bob : Percussion

'It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness' Leo Tolstoy, The Kreutzer Sonata, (translated Maude). . . 'nuff said.


Fall, snowflake fall,
Fall to the ground.
Call, earth call,
Elysium found.

Fly, bird fly,
Fly to the sun.
Cry, love cry,
Homeward run.

Shine, star shine,
Shine down on me.
Sign of signs,
My beacon be.

Companion be.

© Sarah Jones, 31st December 1996 - 3rd January 1997

Cecilia : Lead Vocals, Backing vocals
Sarah : Guitar
Duncan : Keyboards
Nancy : Viola

My father died just before Christmas 1996 and we couldn't have his funeral until New Year's Eve. It snowed that day. When I got home from Kent I opened the curtains that covered my back windows and looked out into the night. It was gently snowing and the sky was clear. I looked up and had the same thought that thousands of people must have had before me. . . perhaps he was out there and the heavens had a new star.

Good Time Girl

Julie Ann, debonair,
Nineteen years, long blond hair.
Steady girl, that's how it seems,
Holds on tight to her dreams.

Half past six, getting changed
Get herself re-arranged.
Tiny bag - more is less,
Shiny shoes, spray on dress.

If you can't have fun when you're young,
Surely be to God there's something wrong,
You can't go back when it's over and done.
Share the dance with your friends,
Stay until the party ends,
Sooner or later the worries of age will come.

Stands in the corner by the mirrored wall,
Waiting for the thrill of a get up call.
Looking good, nice as pie,
Checking out the boys with an eagle eye.

Step it to the left, shake it to the right,
Twist and turn through the night.
Makes her moves quick and clean,
Friday night she's a dance machine.

If you can't have fun when you're young. . .

Julie Ann, debonair,
Nineteen years, long blond hair.
Steady girl, that's how it seems,
Hold on tight to your dreams.

If you can't have fun when you're young. . .

If you can't have fun when you're young. . .

© Sarah Jones, 9th - 16th November 1997

Sarah : Lead Vocal and Acoustic Guitar
Cecilia : Backing Vocal
Duncan : Keyboards and Bass Guitar, Backing Vocal,
Nancy : Fiddles
Bob : Drums

If You Wanna Make Love To Me

You been waiting, round my door,
Anticipating what you came here for.
You want your chance, to do me wrong,
Take your stance - back where it's from.

You're a taker, fast on your feet,
But love's a balance. . . a two-way street.

You gotta chop my wood, you gotta cook and clean,
You gotta be real good, while I treat you mean.
You gotta show on time, don't come too late,
You gotta be all mine, don't deviate.

This much is real, this much is true,
Better believe it - I'm talking to you.

You gotta move real fast, tire real slow,
Know when to last, know when to go.
You gotta walk my dog, you gotta cut my lawn,
You gotta mend my dresses, when they get torn.

There's much to do, can't you see,
If you wanna make love to me.

Stop your lying, quit my door,
You'd have me crying, like the girls before.
You been stealing their love away,
I got a feeling, you've had your day.

Keep on moving, like a stealer should,
If you come on back - I'll fix you good

© Sarah Jones, 9th November 1997

Lisa : Lead Vocal
Sarah : Electric Guitars
Duncan : Bass Guitar and Keyboards
Bob : Drums


Freedom, we want freedom,
We need freedom for our lives.
Freedom, we want freedom,
We need freedom for our lives.

Been so long, worked so hard,
Jumping when I hear the man yell.
It's a one way street, but I know what I want,
Choices for our sons, and our daughters as well.

Freedom, we want freedom . . .

Free from the push, free from the shove,
Free from the way we are bound.
Free from the lies, free from the hurt,
Free from the need, the follow my lead, nurtured greed,
To do each other down.

Freedom, we want freedom . . .

Too many mothers wringing their hands,
Wondering what's become of their sons.
Too many tyrants to keep us in our place,
Till we're free of the missiles and the tanks and the guns.

Freedom, we want freedom . . .

© Sarah Jones, 11th July 1999

Sarah : Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Lisa : Backing Vocals,
Mark : Fiddles
Duncan : Keyboards, Bass Guitar
Bob : Drums
Jan Vaisey, Jan Baylis, Ginny George, Sarah Jones and Duncan Gibbs (Freedom Choir) : Backing Vocals

'Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed'. Martin Luther King, as quoted in The Words Of Martin Luther King (Ed. C S King).

Last Soul Alive

Deep in the city, there's fear in the air,
Fear of losing, fear of giving.
We stumble onward not moving anywhere,
Are we really scared of living ?
We run for our lives,
As the brokenness thrives,
Will the last soul alive turn out the light ?

Factory chimney pours its smoke in the sky,
But they're making lots of money.
Asthma cases lord are rising so high,
I don't think that it's funny.
But the dirt cloaks your walls,
And the dust slowly falls,
Will the last soul alive turn out the light ?

Down on the streets, the night is so cold,
Cold as people passing blindly.
That old man we see is 53 years old,
Lord the street don't treat you kindly.
And there's nowhere to stay,
And we push them away,
Will the last soul alive turn out the light ?

Out in the field the corn it stands tall,
You can't see the alteration.
But its cells are strange, not natural at all,
Science lives above its station.
The earth takes its beating,
You don't know what you're eating,
Will the last soul alive turn out the light ?

At our tables the food is piled high,
We don't entertain by halves.
We don't stop to even question 'why' ?
While half the world starves.
But our bread surely dries,
As another human dies,
Will the last soul alive turn out the light ?

© Sarah Jones, 20th December 1997 - 12th April 1998 , (Easter Day)

Cecilia : Vocals
Sarah : Guitars
Duncan : Keyboards and Bass Guitar