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A Message from Sal


Hi! I am the gopher for the band - no seriously folks, loading and unloading the PA system is cheaper than the gym.

I first saw Sarah Jones and Lorna Bryant when they performed at a local pub in Birmingham. It was one of those venues where people kept chatting whilst musicians were performing - not so when Sarah and Lorna were on stage - they were stunning and I have been hooked on Sarah’s music ever since. So here I am.

Part of my role in the team is to make sure you good folks have a copy of the band’s CDs or tapes. I am the one you can rely on to add you to the mailing list so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to see the band live and let's face it there have not been enough gigs lately! Soon to be sorted . . . we have the tour in September 2005 thank God. (Can I say that?)

Anyway, I am one of the members that the team can call on if they happen to need a pair of nail scissors or to find batteries in the middle of nowhere - yes the gopher. I am just a part of that team that makes it happen - whether it is loading or unloading PA equipment or making sure musicians don’t die of thirst when they are performing at hot Folk Festivals. (Yes, we had one!)

During the late 90’s Sarah and Lorna were gigging together - it was an amazing time. We were playing all the major folk festivals and loads of folk clubs. The music then as now is not traditional folk music but thankfully the audiences at these venues have very open ears. Sarah and Lorna quickly gained recognition and I got to sell loads of CD’s and tapes! I miss it but thankfully Sarah is back big time - she has a superb new album ‘First Person Plural’ and she has done it again. It is brilliant. All new songs, written and performed by her.

For me, Sarah is the best person to sing Sarah Jones compositions but don’t take my word - get yourself a copy of the album it is available in September and come and see me at the forthcoming tour.

After a break of two years (!) Sarah played a gig at Minsterley in April. It is so good to be back! Sarah performed some tracks from the new album ‘First Person Plural’ and of course some of the previously recorded tracks. Awesome! By the performance she gave it was hard to imagine that it had been around two years since she had performed.

Sarah Jones is back! Check out the tour dates and come and see for yourself. We are all looking forward to seeing you there.

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