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Duncan Gibbs

As we've said many times before, Duncan Gibbs is an essential part of the band and of the music. Not content with playing keyboards and bass guitar and a myriad of other instruments, Duncan is also our in-house recording man. To record Freedom he juggled with 8 virtual tracks on each channel - a feat which earned him the nickname 'trax'. Here, our very own boogieman spills the beans on Freedom, First Person Plural, resting and (ahem) working with Sarah.

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Richard Bartram

Sarah's guitars attract attention wherever we go. Sarah has three of Richard's acoustic guitars and often uses all three of them at gigs as they are kept in different tunings. She loves them dearly and she is very particular indeed (!) about who gets to handle them. Rumour has it that Gin had been on the team for a couple of years before she was even allowed to put 'the girls' away after a gig. Richard also made Sarah's electric guitar and Duncan's Appalachian Dulcimer both of which appear on the Freedom and First Person Plural albums.

In addition to building fine guitars, mandolins dulcimers and other stringed instruments, Richard is in demand as a first class repair man. If you need a new guitar or if your existing instrument needs a set up or some adjustment . . . Richard is your man!

Here we chat to the cricket loving luthier. Richard can be contacted through his website at

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Ginny George

Gin is our in-house engineer and our main business brain. Never shy to speak her mind, she is a powerful force and a great asset to the team. She can whip up a meal for 10 at a few moments' notice and still have the time to tell Sarah what needs sorting out in the latest performance! Here we interview her about her musical tastes and her job in the team.

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A message from Sal

Sal looks after the merchandising and has regularly stood in drafty corridors at festivals selling CDs after the performance while the band rush off to eat before the next performance. Frankly, we don't quite know how we would do it without her. . . and fortunately, very often we don't have to!

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