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In the summer of 2000 we began the search for a new vocalist to front the new band TALA. We had over 80 replies to our advert in 'The Stage' and Sarah didn't get off the phone for two whole days! Eventually we got down to six fabulous singers and finally chose a young singer called Yasmin from The Forest of Dean. As it turned out we ended up singing with plenty of other people!

Despite all the comings and goings of singers we had a really good time with TALA.


Yasmin was super to work with and what a voice! Sadly after getting things together in rehearsals and one 'let's fit it all together' gig, Yasmin was off having signed a recording deal with a major label. Tough that. As is often the case things didn't quite go the way that the label planned and she's still waiting for the big breakthrough. If she gets her big breakthrough though we'll be cheering loudly! Just as sadly we don't have any photos of us all together.

Cecilia Le Poer Power joined us and recorded some superb tracks for the Freedom album - 'Hold Me Now' and 'Avalon' standing out in many peoples' minds.

Lisa was great. Great fun and a great voice. We loved her dearly. Lisa and Sarah did a number of duo gigs and Lisa was a key part of the line up when Freedom was released in 2001. A couple of long summers and some real good times together are what we remember. Here's a photo which seems to sum up the mood of those times.

Toni Wood

Toni Wood was one of Australia's most talented singers for a number of years before coming over to the UK in 1997. Sarah and Toni played together briefly as a duo in those early months before Toni moved to Glasgow.

When Lisa left the band, Sarah asked Toni to join TALA. Toni already had one succesful CD release (More Than Skin Deep) and were thrilled to have her on board. Gentle, smart, and a real star are the words that come to mind when we think of Toni.We think this photo captures something of the essence of our time with her - Duncan took this as Toni relaxed during a break in rehearsals for the June 2002 Tour.

Toni has just released another album - this time based on her duo WoodWorx.

And through it all there has been the marvellous Duncan Gibbs. Sarah's long-term musical collaborator, Duncan plays keyboards bass guitar, appalachian dulcimer and a whole variety of other things which you can read about elsewhere on this site. Many of the most compelling arrangements are largely down to Duncan . . . and over the years he has been the backbone of the band. He is also very adept at handling Sarah!

Duncan with bass

Duncan started playing piano at the age of nine. He took up bass guitar at 18, and has performed in bands since the late 1970s. He has worked with Sarah in a folk rock band called 'Heritage' and with 'Bryant and Jones'. In addition to playing in TALA, he has played keyboards with the London based blues band 'London Slim' and with 'Made in Japan' and has recorded with the heavy metal band 'Orange Goblin' on their first two albums.

Duncan played a major role in Bryant and Jones' debut CD Desire and he recorded and engineered the Freedom album. Indeed, Freedom drew a number of highly positive comments about the quality of the recording. Duncan was once again in charge of the recording for the new album First Person Plural which was released on 5th September 2005.

In addition to his work with Sarah, Duncan currently plays keyboards in 'Deeply Purple' - a fabulous Deep Purple tribute band. Check them out! He is an Associate of the London College of Music.

Tala is Old English for 'tales'.

What they said about them . . .

Freedom is really well written, performed and recorded: on the evidence of this CD, Tala certainly have what it takes to make a serious impact on the roots music scene.' Clive Gregson

'Are they special ? Yes ! Do they captivate an audience ? Yes ! Do I recommend them as a band to see ? Yes !' Pete Brown